Silk Pillowcase UK: Soft and Luxurious Cover for Your Pillow

A silk pillowcase is a great way to give yourself beauty sleep and take care of your hair, and it also helps you keep acne away while sleeping.

Silk is an excellent material to use against the skin because it has an identical ph to human skin, and it’s all-natural and hypoallergenic. Most people have no idea what silk feels like, but when they do try it, everyone loves it.

Best Silk Pillowcases UK

1. Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

It’s luxurious, pleasant to touch, and drapes so well on my bed. It also tucks around my neck nicely, unlike other pillowcases, which bunch up at night. The design is stylish with a blue stitched edge.


  • Luxurious feel to it
  • The design looks perfect on the bed
  • Tucks well around your neck
  • Doesn’t rustle or make noise when you move around
  • It can double up as a scarf if you don’t want to buy one


  • It’s expensive, but I think it’s worth the money.
  • You have to iron it when you get it.
  • Sometimes it slips off my pillow when I have a terrible sleep, but I think this is because the pillowcase is too large for my usual size.

2. Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

This pillowcase is gorgeous to look at. It’s smooth and silky yet doesn’t slip from around the neck at all during the night.


  • Very luxurious feeling
  • Doesn’t rustle or make any noise
  • Looks good on the bed
  • Keeps hair from going frizzy


  • The packaging can be improved a bit, but it does come in a plastic bag, so I’m okay with that
  • The price is a bit high

3. Silk Standard Pillowcase

This is a simple gift of beauty and comfort. It’s also an excellent anti-aging gift for someone near and dear to you. The silk pillowcase is super soft on your skin and hair, keeping it from going frizzy or dry


  • Feels good on the skin
  • Helps with frizziness in the morning
  • Helps reduce wrinkles while sleeping on it
  • Tucks well around the neck and doesn’t make any noise


  • The packaging could be improved a bit

4. Beauty Sleep Gift Set

This is an excellent gift for someone you love and respect, or to treat yourself. The set comes with four different products: A silk pillowcase, eye mask, hair wrap, and lip balm.


  • Great way to pamper yourself
  • It great little package deal
  • Various products to care for you
  • Pillowcase is soft and smooth
  • Perfect for sensitive skin


  • It’s not something you would buy on your own, but if someone were to give it to you, then that’d be awesome
  • The packaging could be improved

5. Silk Boudoir Pillowcase

This pillowcase has a high-quality satin border, but the inside is filled with silk, and it’s very sleek and soft to touch.


  • Feels luxurious on your skin
  • Great for sensitive skin types
  • The design looks fantastic on any bed
  • Doesn’t rustle or make noise when you move around during the night


  • A bit pricey, but great for those who can afford it


Silk pillowcases come in a whole range of different sizes, with some smaller ones fit a standard travel pillow and then larger-sized ones that are perfect for filling up a standard bed pillow.

If you’re looking for something to fit your standard size bed pillow, then look out for dimensions 20″ x 40″ – but if you want the complete silk treatment, then consider upgrading to 21″ x 42″.

If you want them to be fully fitted on your bed with no risk of your silk pillowcase slip off during the night, it’s best to invest in slightly bigger sizes than what you need so that they will stay put while keeping the same benefits. As normal-sized ones!

Benefits and drawbacks of silk pillowcases


  • Silk is light and breathable. You’ll sleep more relaxed than with a cotton pillowcase which can get warm and sweaty.
  • Silk fabric reduces acne problems and doesn’t let you wake up covered in facial crinkles like cotton.
  • The most significant benefit of silk is simply how it feels against your skin. It’s super smooth and feels luxurious when you touch it!


  • Not all weaves or finishes will give you the same benefits as others, so make sure you know what kind of quality to look for before buying one.
  • They’re also costly compared to regular pillows, so they don’t pay off in the long run if you travel very often.


Silk pillowcases are relatively expensive compared to regular ones. You will pay at least £30 for a good silk pillowcase, but it is worth it as they last a very long time.

There are other ways you could save money on a silk pillowcase if you know where to look. For example, if you check online websites such as eBay or Amazon, then you could end up finding your perfect silk pillowcase at only half the price!

If not, then usual stores such as Argos and John Lewis would be the place to go.

Types of pillowcases

I. Cotton pillowcases:

Cotton is by far the most common material used to make pillowcases. They are cheap and durable but don’t offer many benefits compared to silk

a) very cheap

b) durable

c) don’t sleep as cool as silk, causing you to sweat during the night

4) get wrinkled quickly when you wake up, causing lines on your face!

II. Satin Pillowcase:

Satin is similar to silk in that it has a high sheen. It’s smooth like satin with long natural fiber that feels luxurious against your skin.

It doesn’t pill either like cotton does after repeated washes, so it is perfect for even makeup wearers!

a) smooth and sleek fabric

b) doesn’t pill after washing machine

c) breaths unlike cotton so you won’t sweat as much during the night

d) you can find better quality silk pillowcases for a cheaper price if you know where to look

e) not as soft as silk; satin is more durable and long-lasting but not as comfortable.

III. Bamboo Pillowcases:

Bamboo is usually found in sheets but can also be used in pillowcases. Bamboo is a luxurious fabric that’s incredibly soft and feels fantastic against your skin.

It breathes like silk, so it won’t cause you to sweat during the night.

a) extremely comfortable

b) breaths better than cotton

c) durable

d) more expensive compared to satin pillowcases

e) not as high quality as silk and satin, making them pill even after one wash, causing fine lines on your face

Different styles of silk pillowcases

  1. The pure silk pillowcase is the most popular type for people to buy because it protects your hair and skin without ruining your hairstyle or clashing with any make-up you might be wearing. It also gives you the ability to choose between a plain or patterned style, which can help give your bedroom an extra boost if it needs some love.
  2. A half silk pillowcase is designed only to cover the upper part of the face so that you may have more wriggle room when getting your beauty sleep. This means that they’re not as big as the full ones but are still just as effective at stopping wrinkles from appearing on one side of your face.
  3. Tie-dye silk pillowcases: Tie-dye silk pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk and come in a variety of different colour combinations, which you can see on their website here. They’re available in four different sizes (standard, king, euro, and standard pillowcases) and can be bought as a complete set or simply on its own if you already have some silk bedding.

What is Mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is a type of silk that has been made using the Chinese or Japanese Mulberry Silkworm, which takes 28 days to develop and spin its cocoon fully.

The silk is solid and lustrous and can be dyed in many vibrant colours:

  • Oriental Red: Exceptional strength and durability
  • Red: Adds power to your prayers
  • Green: Offers love, luck, and wealth
  • Blue: Represents truth, wisdom, and knowledge
  • Black: Protects against evil spirits
  • Orange: Promotes positive energy & attracts good fortune
  • Pink: Brings romance into your life

White silk pillowcase promotes cleanliness. Benefits of pure mulberry silk pillowcase include wrinkle prevention and added anti-aging benefits – which is an essential part of looking after your skin.

Which momme silk is best?

Momme silk is the weight of the silk, with a higher momme number meaning it’s heavier and more durable.

Most people will choose between 15 or 20 momme silk pillowcases to get the best balance between durability and feel against your skin – but you can find anything up to 30+ mommes if you know where to look!

Are silk pillowcases really worth it?

Silk pillowcases are really worth it for a few reasons:

  1. They’re comfortable and luxurious, which is just what you need when you’re trying to get the best night’s sleep possible
  2. If you suffer from skin rashes or irritations then using a silk pillowcase can help reduce these problems as silk won’t cause any irritation against your hair, face, or body
  3. Silk helps promote healthier hair because it keeps your scalp cool while also helping to naturally improve blood circulation – this means that even if you have damaged hair follicles, chronic dandruff or dry ends then sleeping on a silk pillowcase could help fix those problems. Just be sure not to wash the silk too often as this will remove its natural oils!
  4. One of the best benefits is that silk pillowcases help to fight against hair loss and split ends – which is great news if you’re trying to maintain your frizzy hair or grow it longer.
  5. Silk will also work with the shape of your head while you’re sleeping, ensuring that you’re always comfortable throughout the night.

Having a silk pillowcase on your bed means no more waking up during the night because you’ve got an awkward amount of pillow creases in your face or neck thanks to there being too much pressure on one side.

While they are expensive compared to most other options available out there, they are 100% worth it for people who want their money’s worth and a product that will last!

What are silk pillowcases made from?

Silk pillowcases are made from the highest quality mulberry silk which is grown by a silkworm.

These worms eat exclusively mulberry leaves and yield about 1-2 grams of raw silk each when they fully mature, allowing manufacturers to make one silk pillowcase with only 2 or 3 cocoons’ worth of thread.

Nowadays, most brands use automated machines to harvest their silk whereas in ancient times it was done mostly by hand (which meant fewer mistakes were made due to tiredness and lack of skill).

  1. The silkworm itself sleeps for 14 hours every day during its growing cycle and because it doesn’t move around there’s no need to turn it -which means that silk can be harvested in one long single strand, making the process much easier.
  2. After the silk has been gathered it is boiled in water before undergoing several treatments which help to remove any unnecessary proteins and leave only the smooth thread of the worm remaining.
  3. This thread is then woven into a fabric using an automated loom – with some brands choosing to use a fine weave of fewer than 100 threads per square inch of fabric so that their customers get a feeling that’s just as luxurious as they would hope for!

How should I look after my new silk pillowcase?

You should wash your new silk pillowcase at no more than 30 degrees Celsius if you want to keep it from looking misshapen over time.

If you do choose to wash your silk pillowcase regularly then it’s best to do so at least once a week by hand or on a delicate cycle.

This means that you should opt for machine washable models if you only have the occasional spillage of food or drink on your pillowcase. 

What is the best silk pillowcase?

The best silk pillowcases are, in our opinion, the ones which you can get from The Silk Mill. They’ve been operating since 1978 and while they only started off as a small family business it has gone on to become one of the most popular UK suppliers for luxury bedding and mattresses.

They have got an amazing collection of products that will leave you spoilt for choice – whether that be pillows, silk duvet cover, or your new silk pillowcase! So if you’re looking to treat yourself with some truly high-quality products then we definitely recommend checking out The Silk Mill’s website today!


Overall, silk is the better option when it comes to sleeping on a smooth surface that doesn’t make your sensitive skin break out in pimples.

It’s worth spending extra money on a good quality one because it’ll last much longer than if you went with cotton, especially since you always want to look your best!

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