Cot Bed Mattress: Alternately Soft and Firm

Cot Bed Mattress is manufactured with 100% cotton. This kind of mattress is very suitable for children growing up to one-year-old, and it can be adjusted according to your baby’s height.

These products are designed especially for infants by using purely natural materials. All material used in Cot Mattress is certified and tested BS5852 – Part 1:1985 Safety of Toys, BS7177: 1987 Fire Retardant Standards for Cot Bedding, and BS 7177: 2000+ A1+B1 Standard for Mattresses.


Mattress : 100% Cotton

Filling : Hollow Fiber

Cover : 100% Terry Cloth / Cotton

Dimensions (L x W) – 90cm x 60cm

Registration number: UK ASTM 2072 / 65.07

Please note that this cot bed mattress is not suitable for adults. An adult should use a heavy-duty or solid base that can support the weight of the adult very well

Pros and cons


  • 100% cotton
  • For infants who are growing up to 1-year-old
  • It can be adjusted according to the height of your baby
  • Suitable for children’s sensitive skin and allergies
  • The filling of the mattress is hollow fiber which can give you a good night’s sleep.
  • Dogs or cats, the pet hair will not stick on the surface of the cot mattress, and it can help protect your infant from scratching by their pets.


  • An adult should use a heavy-duty or solid base that can support the weight of an adult very well because 100% cotton materials could tear easily if adults jump on it repeatedly.
  • In addition, human sweat emits certain chemicals that can damage these baby mattresses over time, especially when they lay down too close to the edge of the crib.

How much does it cost?

Cot Bed Mattress is an essential product which you need to buy when your baby starts growing up. It costs £35 in the UK. Some factors may affect the price of the mattress, such as materials, brand, size, etc.

Can I buy it in the online shop?

Most cot bed mattresses are available to purchase online, and some manufacturers offer discounts on bulk or multi-buy purchases.

They provide an option of newsletter-subscribe to receive the latest offers for their new products and discount coupons.

You can also find smaller independent retailers online who may be able to offer the mattress at a lower price than big chains like Mothercare or Babies R Us, so it’s worth shopping around before you make your final decision.

What material is best for a cot mattress?

Cot Bed Mattress is one of the essential products in a baby’s room. The material for a cot mattress will impact the quality of your child’s sleep and development, especially in the first year.

  • 100% cotton: Cot Bed mattresses with 100% cotton cover can keep air moisture which can help reduce dust mites and bacteria. At the same time, some parents prefer organic mattresses because they don’t use any chemicals while growing up kids. And it has natural anti-allergy properties too.
  • Wool: Wool also has natural anti-bacterial and relieves allergies and asthma symptoms, making it suitable for infants with eczema too.
  • Foam: cot mattress made of foam is very soft, which gives you a comfortable sleep at night.

What are the functions of a cot mattress?

Cot Bed Mattress has a range of functions to help babies growing up well. The functions are:

  1. Supporting your child’s developing spine and keeping their body in the correct position throughout the night so that they do not develop flat head syndrome or other postural problems
  2. Protecting delicate skin from irritants – Preventing the build-up of allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen which can cause an infant to suffer from allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma
  3. Keeping your infant warm during those cold winter nights without having to use a hot water bottle or extra covers
  4. Giving your crib a comfortable sleeping surface which will help your child drift off to sleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night

What is a flat head syndrome?

Flat Head Syndrome, also known as Plagiocephaly, is an abnormal curvature of the head. This is usually noticed within the first year after birth as babies’ skulls are still soft at this time and can become flat on one side from lying in one position for too long.

How to choose the best cot mattress?

When it comes to parents, choosing the best cot mattress is extremely important.

Here are some points that you need to consider when choosing a cot mattress for your baby:

  • Make sure that your favorite mattress meets all safety standards
  • It should be well ventilated and does not trap stale air, which increases moisture and could cause bacteria to grow
  • There should be sufficient padding yet firm enough to provide enough support;
  • Ensure that its washable cover can be easily removed and cleaned as an infant’s skin might get very sensitive
  • Your baby will spend about 16 hours sleeping consecutively on the same cushioning every day, so it is important not to skimp. Choose a mattress that is 100% cotton on one side and laminated to hold the filling in place on the other. This way, you can turn it over whenever required
  • If you usually let your baby sleep with extra cushioning such as pillows, blankets, or toys, make sure that none of these items cause suffocation by accidentally covering his face or airways while sleeping.
  • After purchasing, make sure to remove all tags on the mattress so that it does not pose a risk of choking/suffocation on your child.

Reasons to avoid

  1. It would help if you never placed a cot mattress on top of a sprung metal base. This is because the movement from springs can damage a thin cotton mattress, leading to a potential safety hazard for your child if they become caught in the space between the cot and the mattress.
  2. As with all surfaces, you should ensure that your infant’s cot bed mattress has no crevices where small objects could potentially be inserted. Anything that comes into direct contact with your baby or their mouth must be kept clean and free from substances that may be transferred onto their skin or cause allergies.
  3. Ensure no sharp edges can damage your baby’s skin, such as cardboard corners that may fray or plastic clips that may snap.
  4. When it comes to the materials used, you should avoid cot bed mattresses with removable covers as these are simply too difficult to keep clean regularly. This is because any dirt collected in the cover will be difficult to remove, and any liquids spilled on it can seep through into the filling beneath.
  5. Similarly, you should avoid very low-quality products made from cheap filler material, foam, or cotton. These mattresses provide little support for an infant’s developing spine, which could cause back problems later on in life if their mattress does not provide adequate insulation against outside elements such as cold floors or hot bedding.

How to take care?

  • To prevent the mattress from becoming dirty in the first place, you should ensure that all spills are cleaned up straight away.
  • If your mattress does get wet, make sure it is thoroughly dried out before placing your child on top of it again. Alternatively, if the damage is too severe, replace it entirely or use a waterproof mattress protector, which can be easily replaced and washed for hygienic purposes.
  • Use a mattress cover that breathes well so that any moisture can evaporate outwards through tiny holes. This will help keep the baby cot mattresses fresh and dry while preventing bacteria from building up inside overnight.


Cotbed mattresses should be of good quality material and provide adequate support for your infant’s spine as they will be spending most of the day sleeping on the same spot.

Ensure that their cover is removable and can be washed regularly, and you should never place it on top of a sprung metal base as this could damage its thin cotton surface leading to a safety hazard for your baby.

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